European Association for Communication in Healthcare

EACH is an interdisciplinary non-profit organisation which brings together researchers and trainers in the field of communication in healthcare. Its objectives are to facilitate the exchange of ideas and products of teaching and research activities across a network of individuals and institutions in Europe and beyond. EACH is associated with the scientific journal Patient Education and Counseling. The 2012 impact factor of the journal has increased to 2.372 (Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary ranking: 4 (Q1)).
Together with her sister organisation AACH (American Academy on Communication in Healthcare), EACH organizes annual International Conferences on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH). In the even years, EACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in Europe, in the uneven years AACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in the USA/Canada.
EACH has an agreed policy not to accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry for any of its activities, including meetings and conferences. This is to prevent any potential conflict of interest.

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