About EACH

EACH was founded in September 2001 and publicly launched in Patient Education and Counseling (2001, 43: 1-4) (linked to editorial) by researchers, medical educators and practitioners from eight European countries with the aim to establish a multidisciplinary society of all people who are active in communication research and training. Close cooperation between educators and researchers is necessary to enhance knowledge about effective communication, establishing best practices and improving education to comply with the changing needs of health delivery which emphasize a patient centered approach, shared responsibility and decision making. The association is meant for all who are active in communication research and /or training. The aim of the association is to stimulate the growth of an active network to improve the quality of communication in healthcare in Europe through research and education. It supports dialogue and collaboration as well as exchange and dissemination of ideas by facilitating contacts, organizing international conferences, workshops and meetings, and collaborating with existing networks and associations.

National representatives