How to assess

The tEACH assessment subgroup aims to provide readers, especially teachers in health care professions, with materials that can help or inspire them in their daily teaching practice and assessment process.
In this section, you will find a variety of resources which are aimed at sharing expertise about How to Assess communication skills of health care learners.
There are two main areas. The first provides a concise introduction on the general principles for the assessment of communication skills  developed by the tEACH assessment subgroup, in which all aspects of communication assessment in educational settings are discussed in a nutshell.

The second area provides descriptions of existing assessment tools used in health professional education. This area is open to EACH members only.

Train the trainers workshop on assessment
In collaboration with the tEACH train the trainers subgroup, we have developed an interactive two day course on 'Assessment in communication teaching' which will be offered on 22nd – 23rd April 2013, Madingley Hall, Cambridge UK.  For more information, use the following link: Assessment course.   
Members of the tEACH assessment subgroup

Claudia Kiessling, Germany, subgroup leader and main contact person
Claudia [dot] Kiessling [at] med [dot] uni-muenchen [dot] de
Katarzyna Jankowska, Poland
kat_jank [at] poczta [dot] onet [dot] pl

Rute Meneses, Portugal
rmeneses [at] ufp [dot] edu [dot] pt

Zoi Tsimtsiou, Greece
zoitsimtsiou [at] yahoo [dot] gr

National representatives