Membership of the Association will be open to any individual with an interest in research and training in communication in health care.
The association has ordinary members, honorary members and contributors.

Members and honorary members

  • A member is a person admitted as such.
  • The Executive Committee will decide on the admission of members.
  • The person wishing to become an (ordinary) member will apply for membership to the secretary in writing.
  • The application for membership will at least contain the first names, name and address, date of birth and moreover the data important for the fixation of the membership fee.
  • The secretary will immediately notify the candidate in writing whether or not he is admitted as member.
  • An honorary member is he who has been appointed as such by the general meeting on the ground of the circumstance that he has special merits for the association.
  • Honorary member are members of the association.


A contributor is he who has been acknowledged as such by the Executive Committee after he has declared his willingness to support the association financially by means of a minimum contribution to be fixed by the general meeting.


For 2013, EACH membership is € 105,- for regular members including hard copy and online access to the journal Patient Education & Counseling.

The rate without subscription to Patient Education & Counseling is € 90,- (online journal access only)

Reduced fees

Reduced fees are offered to registered students and Ph.D. students. A certification of student status signed by their academic affiliation has to be enclosed together with the application form and with each successive annual subscription.

  • Reduced rate including subscription to Patient Education & Counseling is € 90,-
  • Reduced rate without subscription to Patient Education & Counseling is € 80,- (online journal access only)

 When applying for membership after October 1st, membership will be treated as starting from January 1st in the following year.

National representatives