How to get involved

Many EACH members have asked us if they can get involved with the work of tEACH and until recently, we did not have an easy path for this. Clearly, we need to pick members of the working-group carefully in order to get a suitable spread of expertise and background as listed above. It is therefore difficult to simply open up the committee to all comers and this would also produce an unwieldy organisation. However, we would like to be entirely transparent as we do not wish this working group to be seen as a closed shop.
We have therefore decided to have a further level within the organisation. The working-group of a maximum of 3 participants per country will continue and we will recruit from members of EACH as required, trying to obtain the correct spread of expertise and background.
However, we have now established a further expanded network of teachers within each country. This will enable sharing of information and resources generated by tEACH as well as helping other teachers contribute to the efforts of tEACH. tEACH needs your help. We need to tap into your expertise and knowledge to help us with specific projects. Clearly, from this we would also be able to discover people who would be keen to be part of the working group as vacancies arise.
If you are interested in becoming part of this wider network, please email Marcy Rosenbaum marcy-rosenbaum [at] uiowa [dot] edu
For an overview of the current expanded network of tEACH, click here.

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