Train the trainer Courses - Curriculum development course

The 'Curriculum Development in Communication Skills Teaching' course

This course is directed towards teachers of health professionals (for example medical students, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors)  who wish to develop a new curriculum or extend an existing curriculum. We are aware that different institutions in different countries will have varying resources in terms of available teachers, simulated patients and technology and take this into account in helping you. Please note, this course is not about facilitation skills or learning experiential communication skills teaching. The course will be highly interactive and participant centred and will enable individual participants to formulate concrete plans for the future.
The focus is on how to develop a curriculum suitable to the healthcare setting the participant operates within. The course looks at what to include in the curriculum and how to deliver, and evaluate the curriculum.
As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to
- apply educational theory to designing communication skills curricula
- understand how to ensure learners master an increasing range of skills
  and retain them over time
- select and organise the core content of the communication curriculum
  tailor content to their learners’ needs
- select appropriate teaching methods for each component of the curriculum
- integrate communication with other clinical skills and the rest of the learners’ 
- evaluate the curriculum
Trainers for this course include:
- Jonathan Silverman, UK                         
- Marcy Rosenbaum, USA
- Evelyn vanWeel-Baumgarten, Netherlands
For more information, please contact Faith Rawley teachorganisation [at] gmail [dot] com
Feedback on this course
The course has been rated very highly by participants:
1) Would you recommend this course to a colleague?        Result: 4,7
     (1 disagree 5 strongly agree)
2) Would you sign up for another tEACH course?                Result: 5,0
Further written comments:
- Magnifique!  Observing masters at “facilitating” was inspiring.
- It was an example of how large group can be used actively.
- Very good activation of participants.
- Thank you to the facilitators for being flexible and learner centered!
  That was the hidden curriculum.
- Very nice, learned a lot; inspiring; wonderful to be able to work with you guys
  again. Thank you!
- A role model for animation of teacher I want to do – so down to earth! Amazing.


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