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The 'What to Teach in Communication Skills Teaching: Skills and Structure' course
The course is directed towards teachers of health professionals (for example medical students, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors)  who wish to explore the underlying skills and structure of health care consultations.
It is suitable for teachers of a variety of experience and is particularly suitable for those early on in the teaching careers.
The 'what to teach' course is interactive and participant-centred.
The primary focus of this course will be on the structure and skills of health-care communication. The course will look at the various models in use to conceptualise health care communication and how to utilise these to analyse communication skills in observed encounters with patients. This will help participants clarify what they are trying to teach and learn, define the individual specific skills of communication and break down the complex task of the interview into its individual components. The course will be a mixture of experiential learning and didactic teaching. We will explore communication skills by observing prepared videos and also work in small groups with simulated patients to recreate situations where we can analyse communication skills within a teaching session. Participants will be expected to interview simulated patients during the course in order to create encounters for analysis and practice.
As a result of this course, participants will be able to:
- appreciate various models in use to understand health care communication
- use these models to consider the structure of communication in observed
- break down the complex task of the consultation into its individual components
- identify the specific skills of communication
- clarify what they are trying to teach and learn in their own teaching environment
Trainers for this course include:
- Jonathan Silverman, UK
- Paul Kinnersley, UK
For more information, please contact Faith Rawley teachorganisation [at] gmail [dot] com
Feedback on this course

The course has been rated very highly by participants:
1) Would you recommend this course to a colleague?      Result: 4,9
    (1 disagree 5 strongly agree)
2) Would you sign up for another tEACH course?              Result: 4,8
Further written comments:
Particularly helpful in the course was:
- Video-watching, looking for concrete skills – not just attitudes or blurred
- The strong and good structure on the various task.
- Constructing models linking section of consultation to objectives & to specific
  behavioural skills.
- Seeing the challenge of integrating clinical and communication skills with
  novice learners.
General comments:
- Congratulations for yet another great course. Thank you for your efforts and


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