How to teach

In this section, you will find a variety of resources which are aimed at sharing expertise about specific methods for teaching in communication.
There are two main areas. The first is a collation of resources about how to teach in clinical communication, including sections on experiential group teaching, providing feedback to learners, working with simulated patients and examples of specific teaching approaches (click on button 'Teaching resources' below). These collected resources are just a beginning and we are grateful for those teachers who have provided the initial material. As you will find in the introduction to the resources section, we hope you will donate your teaching resources to this website so that we can all continue to learn from each other.
The second area provides a select collation of resources used specifically during tEACH courses by the Train the Trainers subgroup including materials addressing including general teaching methods, experiential group teaching methods, providing feedback and working with simulated patients (click on button 'tEACH course materials' below).
For those interested in more direct support regarding teaching methods, tEACH offers several experiential courses.




The tEACH Train the Trainers subgroup offers support and training for trainers and teachers of communication skills in health care across all professional groups. This support is based upon a skills-based and evidence-based approach to teaching communication skills.
Our aim is to help as wide a range of teachers as possible – so we would like to help you whether you are a beginner trying to get started in your hospital, college, university, region or country or a more experienced teacher who is looking for help with teaching particular parts of your course. We also aim to provide help across all the different types of healthcare teaching – for example medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, physiotherapy and for both undergraduate students and learners post-qualification. We are keen to help teachers develop in the widest possible way.
Our overall purpose is to improve the healthcare of the people of Europe (and beyond) by improving communication in all healthcare settings.
In addition to How to Teach materials, the types of support we can offer are:
1.  Courses.  We now offer 4 different train the trainers courses to support teachers of communication.  More information about these courses can be found here.
2.  Answers to questions you may have through one to one support via email and at meetings. Please download this form and use it to ask your questions. Then email to Paul Kinnersley kinnersley [at] cf [dot] ac [dot] uk.
3. Descriptions of projects to develop communication skills teaching in individual countries we have examples of how colleagues have taken teaching forward in their own country.
And if you have other questions or can’t find the information you want, please contact the group leader Paul Kinnersley kinnersley [at] cf [dot] ac [dot] uk.


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