Train the trainer Courses - Assessment in communication teaching

The 'Assessment in Communication Teaching' course
The course is directed towards teachers of health professionals (for example medical students, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors) who wish to explore the underlying principles and practicalities of assessment in communication. It is suitable for teachers of a variety of experience of assessment. However, please note this course is not about detailed psychometrics. This course does not cover the psychometrics of assessments in depth and if this is your interest we suggest you look for other courses
The course will be highly interactive and participant centred. The primary focus will be on how to develop assessments suitable to the healthcare setting that the participant operates within.
A particular feature of the course will be the opportunity for participants to gain first-hand experience and experiment with different assessment methods. The course will look at the importance of assessment, general assessment principles, formative versus summative assessment, the suitability of different methods to different assessment outcomes, the feasibility and costs of different formats, the use of simulated patients and video in assessment, OSCE assessment, workplace assessment, written assessment, basic psychometric requirements, and legal and ethical issues.
Trainers for this course include:
- Claudia Kiessling, Germany
- Guert Essers, Netherlands
- Jonathan Silverman, UK       
For more information, please contact Faith Rawley teachorganisation [at] gmail [dot] com

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