Teaching tools group

Purpose: To collect, describe and share teaching tools for addressing specific communication skills.
The subgroup has been in the process of collecting, reviewing and summarizing examples of teaching tools used by communication teachers.
Excel sheets with the materials collected thus far are displayed on the website under the categories What to teach resourcesModels resources and How to teach resources.
The resources themselves are available to members of EACH and can be found via the webpages What to teach - teaching resources and How to teach - resources.
With the launch of the website, the group is now extending invitations to all EACH members to submit materials to share on the web. Future work of the group will focus on collecting more materials and on developing a peer review system and editorial board to ensure quality products and descriptions on the web.
Subgroup members
- Pål Gulbrandsen (Norway), pal [dot] gulbrandsen [at] medisin [dot] uio [dot] no (main contact)
- Eva Doherty, (Ireland) edoherty [at] rcsi [dot] ie
- Michael Kaffman, (Israel) kaffman [at] ramot-menashe [dot] co [dot] il
- Barbora Lukesova, (Czech republic)  lukesova [at] blconsulting [dot] cz
- Pavla Banyrova,
(Czech republic)   pavla [dot] banrova [at] hmcgroup [dot] eu
- Pierluigi Politi, (Italy) pierluigi [dot] politi [at] unipv [dot] it
- Lavinia Nanu, (Romania) laviniamihaela [at] yahoo [dot] com
- Jorun Torper, (Norway) jorun [dot] torper [at] odont [dot] uio [dot] no
- Katrien Bombeke,  (Belgium) katrien [dot] bombeke [at] ua [dot] ac [dot] be
- Marijana Bras, (Croatia)  marijana [dot] bras [at] kbc-zagreb [dot] hr
- Lode Verreyen (Belgium)  lode [dot] verreyen [at] ugent [dot] be



National representatives