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Establishing effective communication teaching programmes is not easy. Whether instigating new programmes or extending existing programmes, all communication teachers struggle to produce effective teaching modules which incorporate best practice and are likely to achieve behavioural change for learners.
As the importance of communication teaching spreads in undergraduate and postgraduate health education throughout Europe, teachers need to learn from each other to provide high-quality education. In order to help them, we have begun the process here of collecting examples of teaching resources from several European institutions.
On this page you will find an Excel spreadsheet which lists, divided into categories, all the resources that we have collated so far on What to teach (teaching resources about specific areas of communication). There is considerable overlap here with the resources we have also collected about How to teach (generic skills and approaches to facilitating effective communication teaching). A list of how to teach resources is to be found under How to teach.
The resources themselves are available to members of EACH and grouped under
Contribute your teaching resources

We are very grateful for the teachers who have provided the initial material available on this website. Rather than a finite selection, we hop e that this will be seen as just beginning of a process where all of you will wish to add your teaching resources to this collection. We therefore encourage all teachers who undertake communication skills training and have developed material they want to share to submit their material to the teaching resources editorial group of tEACH.
Please note that we are interested in contributions in all European languages. They will be reviewed by people who can read them in the language in which they are provided. We aim to find money to translate particularly interesting contributions to English.
We want your feedback
We also want feedback in two ways. General feedback about the published resources and the organization of the material should be given to the editorial group. If you have downloaded a resource and started using it, we encourage you to send an e-mail to the contributor of the resource and give specific feedback. That way we can all improve continuously, and you become part of a larger European network. Also, it is very helpful for contributors to know about others’ use of their intellectual work.
The teaching resources editorial group of tEACH
Pål Gulbrandsen (leader), University of Oslo
pal [dot] gulbrandsen [at] medisin [dot] uio [dot] no


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